concrete pump repair reviews

See what our happy customers say about our concrete pump repair services.

Chris G. - Boise, ID.

"This company went out of their way to fix a machine of mine that isn't even being made anymore. No one else would give my machine the time of day, and now it is working beautifully and pumping concrete like a champ!"

Carl M. - San diego, CA

"I bought this pump that was made in another country, making it really difficult to buy replacement parts. I was out a lot of money. United Parts & Machinery completely refurbished my pump by adding parts made in the USA. Now I have no trouble finding replacement parts when needed!"

Pat K. - Dallas, TX

"These guys are the best! They took my broken concrete pump and brought it back to life! The computer system was down and it was a disaster. Now it runs like a champ!"

Gerald B. - Jacksonville, FL

"Noah actually went out his way to train me on how to use a concrete pump! I went from being a general contractor, to a pumping expert! Now I own 3 pumps thanks to Noah!"